Island Foods

poi — a starchy paste made from mashing cooked taro with a little bit of water; sometimes slightly fermented, poi is categorized as one, two or three finger poi by the thickness of its consistency.
kalua pig — a whole pig cooked in an imu, or underground oven.
laulau — pork, salted fish and taro leaves wrapped in ti or banana leaves and baked in an imu, steamed or broiled.
lomi salmon — lomi means massage, rub, press or squeeze in Hawaiian; the salmon usually raw, is worked with the fingers into a mixture of vinegar, onion and spices and eaten cold as a salad or side dish.
haupia — a pudding made of coconut crème.
'opihi — a limpet collected from shoreline rocks and considered a delicacy eaten raw or cooked.
'ulu — breadfruit, when cooked it tastes something like sweet potatoes.
poke — sliced raw fish or octopus mixed with salt, seaweed and chilipeppers.
hulihuli chicken — whole chickens roasted over a barbecue by turning (huli) rotisserie style.

mahimahi — one of the least expensive and most common eating fish often referred to as dolphin but technically it is not; dolphins are mammals and mahimahi is a fish. Weighing 10 to 65 pounds, it has a broad head and body that tapers down to its tail; also known as Dorado.
a'u — the broad-billed swordfish or marlin, weighing up to 250 pounds each; not easy to catch, which is often reflected in its price, but excellent firm, moist, meaty steak like white flesh.
ono — also called wahoo or king mackerel, the name also means delicious in Hawaiian and it certainly applies.
aku — bonito or skipjack tuna, a deep red-fleshed fish excellent cooked or raw as sashimi.
opakapaka — the pink snapper.
ulua — a prized, hard fighting game fish belonging to the "Jack Crevalle" family that ranges up to 125 pounds; also known as pompano; sometimes caught by spear.
uku — the gray snapper.
ahi — yellowfin tuna, excellent cooked or raw and often found in sushi bars.
onaga — red snapper, a local favorite, caught in deep waters, with juicy, white tender meat.

kim chee — hot, spicy pickled cabbage and other vegetables.
kalbi — marinated, barbecued short ribs.

char siu — pork marinated in sugar, salt, soy sauce and red food coloring.
manapua – a dumpling the Chinese call dim sum, stuffed with meat and vegetables and baked, steamed or deep-fried.

teriyaki — beef marinated in soy sauce.
tempura — vegetables or seafood deep-fried in batter.
shoyu — soy sauce.
sashimi — raw fish, usually ahi tuna, thinly sliced and served with green wasabi and soy sauce.
sushi — rice and bits of fish and vegetables wrapped in seaweed.
wasabi — spicy hot, green horseradish usually served with sushi and sashimi.
saimin — a popular noodle soup flavored with vegetables and beef.
bento — a take-out box lunch.

malasada — donuts without holes.
bean soup — a rich spicy kidney bean soup with vegetables and Portuguese sausage.