Snorkeling offers amazing opportunities for viewing the islands’ abundant marine life just below the surface along the coral reef:  sea urchins, anemone, crabs, eels, trumpetfish, angel fish, scorpion fish, rays and Humuhumunukunukuapua‘a! 

Although almost any spot along the coastline will do, the best snorkeling can be found at Kapalua Bay, Keka‘a (north Ka‘anapali) Beach, Pu‘u Keka‘a (Black Rock) at Ka‘anapali Beach, Olowalu, Ulua Beach in Wailea and Pu‘u Olai in Makena. 

Down to a depth of about 30 feet the living coral is most prolific and colorful. Within each coral polyp is an algae that gives the coral its color. The algae and coral are unable to exist without each other, establishing a symbiotic balance.

Among the branches of coral lives a host of shrimp, crab and variety of fish found nowhere else. When coral is taken from the sea, not only does the coral colony die, but also the animals that live among its branches.  

For an unparalleled snorkeling experience, try one of the daily catamaran sail and power boat excursions to Molokini. The crescent shape of this imploded volcano has created an offshore bay that provides a haven for thousands of tropical and pelagic fish. Turtles and dolphins visit year-round and during whale season, sightings of humpback whales are common. Other charter boat trips will take you on a snorkel and dive adventure to the island of Lana‘i and marine preserve at Honolua Bay. 

Around Maui, there’s a seafaring trip for every member of the family, whether you enjoy fishing, snorkeling, diving, tradewinds sailing, whale watching or a romantic sunset cruise.

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Honolua Bay (West Maui)
Ka‘anapali Beach (West Maui)
Kahekili Beach Park (West Maui)
Ulua Beach (South Maui)