Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery

Curtis Wilson Cost is Maui’s best known and most accomplished traditional artist. He’s painted prolifically on Maui since 1973, creating over 500 paintings. His work is a distinctive voice in his visual portrayal of Hawaii and has garnered international attention. Curtis and his wife Jill opened a one-man gallery in the Upcountry region where he paints. The now famous gallery opened in 1984 at the Kula Lodge on the scenic road to Haleakala crater. The Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery is the longest running one-man gallery in the state of Hawaii. Take a look. It’s one of a kind. His painting “Return to Makena Molokini” is featured on the cover of this guide. At the Kula Lodge in Kula, (808) 878-6544; Toll free 1-800-810-COST.

(808) 878-6544
Kula Lodge,Kula,HI,