John O'Leary Photography

John O’Leary is a local photographer on Maui who specializes in scenes that are hard to duplicate or replicate while evoking a strong emotional connection. His dream to move to the islands sparked when he was a young child fascinated with wildlife and the marine environment. When John joined the Army, he hoped one of his duty stations would be Hawai’i, but that did not happen. After he reached the rank of Sergeant, and was deployed a couple of times, he decided not to re-enlist again, instead pursuing his dream of island living. After an honorable discharge from the service, John moved to Maui even though he had never visited the islands. It was then he fell in love with all of Hawai’i and wanted to show and share the incredible beauty and warmth of the islands. Self taught, inspiration, and guidance from fellow artists have allowed John to capture amazing and stunning images.  You can view and purchae John’s images in various matted sizes, canvas wrapped, or on metal plates during the art fairs under the Banyan Tree in Lahaina on Front Street on select weekends (9am-5pm) or on his website Email him at 

Banyan Tree,Lahaina,HI,96761