World of Spas

When it’s time to slow your pace, release your worries and renew your body, mind and spirit, there’s no better world in which to do that than in one of Maui’s world-class spas. What makes these spas stand out from other destination spas is their attention to detail while honoring the island’s natural environment, Hawaiian traditions and locally sourced ingredients in treatments and products. 

Many of the welcoming rituals that begin a Maui spa experience are found nowhere else. A Hawaiian cultural-based treatment that stimulates circulation and key reflexology points uses kala‘au (drumsticks made from wood) to pa‘i (tap) the soles of the feet. A form of massage rooted in Native Hawaiian culture is called lomi lomi (the phrase means “to knead or rub, working in and out”) but it is also holistic bodywork. Traditionally, lomi lomi was done for healing, as an aid to digestion as well as a restorative massage. Styles were based on family traditions that varied among land divisions and islands.

Some spas honor customs from around Polynesia, using coconut shells, finely sifted sand and sea salts. They reach across the Pacific to garner exotic oils like monoi, made from coconut and Tiare Tahiti blossoms, natural fragrances like Tahitan vanilla and Hawaiian cacao, and therapeutic remedies from soothing tubers like ‘awa (kava). 

Natural ingredients grown on Maui are also incorporated into body scrubs and masks. Volcanic mud in a body wrap will draw out impurities from the skin. Nutrient-rich spirulina and limu (algae) cultivated in Hawai‘i will detoxify and reduce water retention. Hydrotherapy baths filled with sea salts and minerals from the terra firma of the islands soothe tired muscles. Body treatments often feature cane sugar blended with ground macadamia nuts or coffee for an exfoliating scrub. Pineapple and passion fruit can be found blended with organic honey in facial masks. 

Other spas feature a virtual apothecary of natural ingredients so guests can work with spa consultants to create a customized blend that will be used in their body treatment, facial or massage. 

Perhaps the biggest attraction to spas on Maui is their spectacular vantage point in a tranquil, tropical ambiance:  reflecting pools that melt into blue water ocean views; outdoor baths and showers surrounded by rain forest flora; thatched roof cabanas on a sandy shore or in a lush garden setting. 

No matter which Maui spa you choose, it’s sure to provide you with the rejuvenating properties and relaxed setting you seek.